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Social Mobile App Development

It’s the first ever-competitive social app with an outcome and purpose. Compete against your friends and other users in a race to complete all the tasks correctly by uploading pictures and videos. Finish in a winning position to take home the prize!

Every week this app has frenzy’s. These frenzy’s consist of tasks to complete using just the camera on your phone.

How it works:

  • Join a frenzy
  • When the frenzy starts the tasks will appear
  • Complete all the tasks correctly
  • Finish them as fast as you can to top the leader board
  • If you finish in a winning position wait for it’s independent judging panel to check tasks are completed correctly.
  • Be declared an official winner minutes later

Why this app is unique:

  • No more random winners
  • It is completely down to you
  • Win amazing prizes within minutes or hours
  • No catches, no tricks
  • As long as you have the app and a camera phone you have the opportunity to win

The whole goal of this app is to bring amazing gifts to peoples life’s whichever background your from. We aim to make as many people smile as possible. As we have said before, “anyone, anytime, anywhere” and that’s exactly what it does. Whether it’s a new pair of designer shoes or £10,000 prize money, we aim to change lives.

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Social Mobile App Development Social Mobile App Development

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