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Android App on iOS platform – Is Cross Platform the Future of Mobile Apps?

Did you ever think that an android app can work on an iOS platform? Sounds a tad tricky, isn’t it? But this is what mobile app developers around the globe are trying to achieve.
There is a sudden urge for providing apps that can function well on different platforms rather than their dedicated platforms. It has turned to be the hottest trend among developers. Well, this indeed comes as a great benefit as a user finds it easier to use his app on any platform of his choice. But it isn’t as easy as it appears to be.
First and foremost, there are a few questions that need to be answered. The prime concern is to know how far one can accommodate an app to different platforms and also what all things need to be put into concern while designing the app. Experts around are routing cross platform as the future of mobile app development. Being a mobile app developer, are you prepared for this big change?

Cross Platform: An Overview

To put up in simple words, cross platform is the strategy of developing mobile apps that can work on different platforms with equal ease and quality.
Any app that can work fine on different platforms as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac etc. counts to be known as a cross platform app. Given the rising number of mobile apps being developed, it has become very vital for each to perform on different platforms. This gives user an ease of using the apps on platform they are more comfortable with.
In the recent years, developers have given cross platform apps a serious thought and have been coming up with apps that can work on many platforms. It has been anticipated that this trend is to bloom more in the coming years and soon we will have an array of apps capable of running on different platforms; especially Android, Windows and iOS.

How does cross platform apps benefit?

Other than giving a user the freedom of accessing his app on the platform of his choice, a cross platform app can help in number of other ways as well. Here check out some of the benefits as offered by cross platform apps:

Wider user reach:

It is quite apparent that with cross platform apps, you can widen your reach and get a place at various app stores around the globe. You don’t have to confine to any one particular app but widen your horizon and explore your potentials.

Improved marketing:

Now that you have the option of taking your app to different platforms, you can certainly widen your marketing reach. You can target more users irrespective of the fact whether they use Android, iOS, Mac or any platform type.


Another of the prime advantage of cross platform apps is that you don’t need to hire different app developer team for the same. You can stick to one single team and get the different apps designed with ease without having to spend extra money.

Increased revenue:

This again becomes quite apparent as the cross platform apps let you deal with a wide network of users and thus increase your chance of boosting up your sales and targeting more customers.

Is Cross Platform here to Stay?

Now that you have browsed through the various benefits cross platform apps have to offer, you can surely make out that mobile app development future reflects cross app platform. In the coming years, it’s only going to get bigger and powerful.
However, nothing is flawless and cross platform apps too have a few glitches. But the good news, they can be overcome easily and improved for better results.
Firstly, a single platform app tends to utilize device features in a more comprehensive manner than the cross platform ones.
Secondly, with cross platforms, one can’t introduce customized features as was in the case of the single platform app.
Cross platform apps are considered weak and devalued than single platform apps, as it is assumed that cross platform apps lack brilliance as they compromise to adjust with the different devices.
Like we said, whether or not cross platform apps will stay here for long will totally depend on the fact as to how all of the drawbacks as pointed out are handled.


Cross platform apps surely happen to be the unique and one of its kinds trend to make a strong presence in future. But its success and credibility will totally depend on how the drawbacks are dealt with. Also, given the very reason that single platform app are facing issues with reaching out to diverse users, cross platform has a strong chance of piping it. However, this can only happen if the developers make an effort to do away with cross platform apps flaws!