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IOS App Development

At Flying Cow, we understand that businesses have different requirements and unique needs. To match that, our team here offers completely customized iOS app solutions that help businesses enjoy an edge in the market. We here build scalable, flexible, and secure iOS applications that engage users while helping businesses with increased conversions.

iOS app development services

iOS app development consultation

Here at Flying Cow, we have a team of experts who are skilled and talented enough to suggest to you the right features that can add value to your business iOS app. Right from planning everything to documenting all the requirements, estimating the budget and timeline, we suggest the right solution to our business clients that meets their needs.

Custom iOS app development

Based on the unique needs of your business, our team at Flying Cow can offer you completely customized iOS apps. Here we have a number of ready-to-launch iOS apps which can be easily customized or tweaked by our team to match your requirements.

Enterprise iOS app development

Our team of iOS app developers builds scalable, feature-rich, and secure enterprise applications that can help the business to streamline its workflow while engaging employees efficiently.

iOS app UI/UX designing

Here we have a dedicated team of iOS designers who will work towards designing every aspect of your iOS app in a way that it becomes easy to use and navigate for the users. Apart from that, our team will also take care of designing, redesigning, and developing wireframes, MVPs, prototypes, etc. to ensure the final product is shaped as per end users’ convenience in mind.

iOS app testing

Here we have a strong team of QA testers who will test iOS applications for bugs and communicate the same with the developers and project managers. Through their efforts, they try to ensure consistency of the application is maintained.

iOS app support and maintenance service

After the launch of the iOS app, our team at Flying Cow will provide you with a support and maintenance service that will fix bugs, clear errors, and ensure the app works as expected. We also provide here extended support & maintenance service for a nominal amount if needed by our client.


1. Requirement analysis

Our team will carry out an in-depth requirement analysis that will help in planning the roadmap for the project as well as suggest the right architectural design.

2. UI/UX design

This step is about coming up with a design plan by keeping software specifications in mind. Based on that we also come up with design mockups and design prototype that reflects your business app idea.

3. Software development

Based on the finalized prototype our iOS developers will code the frontend and backend of your app.

4. Testing

The developed product goes under rigorous testing at every development stage. This helps in quick bug tracking, faster detection of defects, reporting, fixing, and then retesting.

5. Deployment and support

At this stage, the developed product is deployed in the market by our developers. Our team will also provide after-release maintenance and support services to keep the app running smoothly.

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