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Is mobile app future of retail shop?

All those who doubted the credibility of Smartphones and mobiles apps must be quite surprised to see how technology has revolutionized every sphere of human life. Smartphones have reached out everywhere; from your personal life to professional―they have an upper hand everywhere.

Mobile apps have had a great influence in the consumer market as well. The shopper today has turned really smart and he wants instant access to everything. This certainly has made the retail shops to turn mobile friendly and cater to growing consumer needs.

And the result―mobile apps are now ruling the retail industry! Every second person around can be seen browsing the retail display or product assortment on his Smartphone. If go by a research conducted by Google, 84% of smartphone users make use of their mobile device to shop online rather than visiting a physical store.

The modern consumer is seeking out digital content to increase his shopping experience, access third-party sites and apps to seek advice, product reviews, daily deals, special offers, or price comparison.

This clearly indicates that mobile apps are here to stay and change the retail shops completely. With more and more apps related to shopping being developed across the globe, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile is surely going to be the future of retail shop. Chances are high that we may hardly get to experience in-store shopping as most of them will be done via the different mobile apps.

Benefits of mobile apps for consumers

So how have the mobile apps changed the entire shopping perspective? What is it in the apps that have drawn consumer attention so vividly?
To understand the same, let us here consider the following benefits that consumers get while shopping via mobile apps than actually landing up into a store and making the purchase.

1. Instant access of information:

There is a new product available in the market and you need to get some quality information about the stuff. If you have a mobile app, all you need to do is just browse the needed information from different stores across, that too within seconds. Thus you see how mobile apps have made it easier or consumer to get product information without having to dig out time and visit a store in person. It’s indeed time savvy.

2. Offer alerts and latest updates:

Now consumers don’t need to browse through newspaper ads to look for latest offers and sales as offered by the retail shop. Their mobile apps provide them with all the alerts without missing on any important offer or deal. With mobile apps, there’s absolutely no chance of you missing on any promotional offer from the store.

3. Enhanced shopping experience:

This definitely is a plus point with mobile apps. They make your shopping experience very quick and satisfactory from all aspects. You can access any retail shop online, get to know of the latest offers, compare prices and make easy orders just by a touch. You don’t have to visit different stores and kill your time looking for your desired stuff. Shopping gets an all new meaning and ease with mobile apps.

4. Excellent customer support:

Not just your shopping experience stands great but the post shopping service is also amazing. You get to track your order, get updated information about your purchase and even if there stands to be any complaint, you can easily get through the customer service and get it resolved in just no time.
So you see how customer is getting benefitted by mobile apps while fulfilling their shopping needs. If you think that mobile apps bring in the benefits for customers only, then you got to look at the following stats too. Retail shops also have added benefits in terms of better sales and customer build up with mobile apps.

How mobile apps benefit retails shops?

  • Faster action and decision making in stores:

Mobile apps give the freedom to store managers to take quick actions and make sound sales decisions. When they have a mobile device in hand, they don’t necessarily need to browse through their desktops and look for needed information. One touch and the information come right in front of them. This apparently determines best product merchandising and making promotional strategies depending upon store traffic, and availability of inventory.

  • Boosting in-store productivity:

Store employees too bet empowered with right kind of information when they have it all on a single mobile device. This enables them to deal with a consumer query instantly and provide the needed solution without much ado. They can access different sales training materials and videos, transfer data, and markdown useful information.

  • Control costs:

Mobile apps help the retail shops in controlling costs in a number of ways. One way is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This allows better productivity and effective work-life balance. The cloud technology helps retailers launch strong mobile apps at a reasonable cost.

  • Increased sales and revenue:

Along with many other benefits, the prime one that mobile apps provide is increased sales. Mobile apps are capable enough of providing useful information in regards to inventory and orders. This apparently helps store managers make effectual inventory decisions and lessen stock out situations. For instance, through mobile apps, store managers get real-time alerts to get information about products that either is in overstock or pending stock-out condition. Decked with this information, managers can request for a back-stock pull, toil with district manager to shift overstocked catalog to a different store, or get in touch with HQ to demand extra merchandise to be ordered.

  • Customer loyalty:

Mobile apps help build in better customer loyalty as these apps allow store retailers and staff members to provide improved shopping experience and great customer support to their clients. When customers are provided with incredible shopping experience, they apparently get to build trust on the brand and keep coming back for more. It even stands to be a great tool that influences their purchase decisions.


Considering the numerous benefits mobile apps provide to both consumer and retails shops, it becomes quite evident that that these apps are sure to change the future shopping experience and give the retail shops a new edge.
Have you prepared yourself to be the next tech savvy retailer in town?