Music Player Mobile App Development

This music app brings you the full collection of music available, including lots of new titles previously unavailable.

This music app has been inspired and specially created for the growing wave of individuals and businesses in need of license free music, suitable for background atmosphere to suit most environments. You can create bespoke playlists suitable for therapies and holistic practices such as Yoga, Meditation , Spa, Pilates, Massage, Complimentary therapies, Nail bars, Beauty clinics, and also Cafesโ€™s and Restaurants.

The music has been written and performed by the music factory, a group of writers not registered with any writing or performance agencies, so you will never have to pay to play music again! The app has easy to use recommend playlists to get you started as well as features to make up your own playlists to suit your business and also the ability to play music offline for when you want to restrict, or have limited Wi-Fi.